Meet the team!

Our team consists of a permanent crew, seasonally returning staff and experienced divers, who only want to work for a short time in this versatile but challenging job.


Nitrox,Kindertauchen , behindertengerechtes tauchen,


in Egypt since 1994

• base leader &  owner of our base

• diving instructor (PADI, SSI, Nitrox ProNRC) HSA Dive-Buddy

• He loves to dive with kids.

Nitrox,Asien , Rotes Meer,behindertengerechtes Tauchen,Tauchlehrerin PADI


joined the team in 2011 

• deputy base leader

• diving instructor  (PADI, Nitrox ProNRC)

• She's our "happy soul" from Suisse.

Nitrox,Ägypten,Safaga, Tauchlehrer,PADI,behindertengerechtes tauchen


is an integral part of the team since 2008

• from ship's chef to diving instructor !!!!

• His slogan: "Adel engage ;-)))."

Nitrox,Ägypten,Safaga, Tauchlehrer,PADI,behindertengerechtes tauchen


is an integral part of the team since March 2018

• Divemaster PADI and future diving instructor 

• The epitome of calmness  ;-)

Tauclehrer Padi , SSI,behindertengerechtes tauchen,Ägypten,Safaga, Nitrox


is an integral part of the team since 2002

• diving instructor (PADI, SSI, Nitrox ProNRC) HSA Dive-Buddy

• appreciated for his calm and quit nature 

Taucherfahrung Mittelmeer,Rotes Meer,Malediven

Robert & Lydia

Robert and his wife Lydia are the founders of our diving school. Of course, both of them have been diving instructors here for many years.

They support us with ideas & experience until today.

Hoteltransfer, Airport Hurghada,Safaga,Ägypten


He ensures the comfort of our guests from the very first moment. He transports our guests from the airport to the hotel and takes care of all authority trips for the diving school.

Bauer Kompressoren, Alu Tanks,Stahltanks

Nasr und Ahmed

Our duo from the "Air filling station". Their job is to keep our scuba tanks full and ready at the right time.