We offer plenty of opportunities for the families of our divers and their non-diving or not yet diving companions.


A must-do...


Glide through the water without any effort.

Easy against the current...


or just for  "Fun & Action!" 


...the new diving trend sport!


The Ray-Board is based on a ray.

TEC light...

Class: Advanced Nitrox Diver...

Dive to 42 m with maximum LO for 15 min

Instructor: Emad Mahmoud

Handicapped Diving - HSA

Scuba Diving is for everyone! Diving is the perfect sport to be integrated! Special trained HSA-Dive-Buddys in our team assist divers with a disability and guide them into our beautiful underwater world. It has an incredible therapeutic effect as well - enjoying a real, unknown feeling of weightlessness in an entirely new dimension.


Try it!

Full Face Mask

Just try it in warm water.

Flooding...put it on & set it off ...simply diving!