What would be scuba diving without new talents?

There is nothing better than looking into the glowing eyes of our youngsters after their first diving trip!



Where is the best opportunity to learn the first significant steps for their diving adventure?

First of all the parents must trust the diving school!


Ducks Diving Safaga offers an excellent opportunity for children above eight years to enjoy and playfully earn experience with scuba diving! Explore and learn to appreciate the underwater world and its environment.


Get started with your next diving course! The certificate is convertible to Open Water Diver at the age of 15.


All our Dive-Kids are provided with special equipment like 4, 6 and 8-litre tanks, children's suits/jackets and extra small mouthpieces at the vending machines ... to name just a selection.




A kid can never be a full-value buddy! They should be having fun and only get along underwater for themselves. Therefore we are free not to accept a child at the age of 8 for diving if we have concerns about the stage of development. 


If you need further information about DIVE KIDS, please feel free to contact us via our contact form!